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I animated the story of few successful landing missions that sent horizon shots of the Moon, Mars, Titan, Venus, and the asteroid Ryugu back to Earth. Although barren at first glance, these rare images from space are interesting, because unlike majority of aerial images of other planets, these allow the viewer to imagine walking on the far away terrains. This project employs interpretative storytelling and horizon shots to converse about the ways humans explore.


Gamifying Digital Rights

I worked on two projects that creatively addressed educating the public about the perplexing web of digital rights. First, I helped facilitate a video game design workshop to talk about the issue at the Furtherfield Gallery in London. Second, I wrote a story line and designed visuals for a Digital Privacy Quiz during an internship at the Center for Democracy and Technology.


Falling: Animation using Autumnal Foliage

A little dedication to falling: falling leaves, falling temperatures, falling out of contact and into the less social winter mood. A day of walking around DC and taking photos of the beautiful autumnal foliage led to making this short stop motion video.

The actors of this video are the colorful leaves of the fall, interrogatively arranged and imagined.


Wise-on / Why Zone

I host regular informal science gatherings in my living room. Over the last two years, I have hosted several visiting and local scientists and established a community of science enthusiasts who have engaged in conversations, ranging from NASA satellite missions to discovery of new butterfly species in Peru. It is a casual PowerPoint-based infotainment series to ask all your “why”s and get your wise on.

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