I am Tatev, a perpetual immigrant and a challenger of thoughts and ideas. As I traverse the Earth and genuinely dream of traveling to outer space some day, I like to think about functional interpretations of various objects and happenings. I am inspired by whimsical and imaginative paradoxes and combining seemingly unrelated notions.

I am particularly interested in creating and employing innovative and iterative tools to encourage inclusive engagement in STEM fields and the arts. I believe there are some solid steps we could take for a more inclusive and innovative creative landscape:

Skip jargon and tell inviting and awe-inspiring stories about your work!

Advocate for open and accessible resources, so that your colleagues and the public can build on your work!

Initiate collaborative projects in public spaces, where community dialogue and learning can take place.

Want to talk more? Say hello by emailing me at tatevsargsyan[at]gmail[dot]com

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