I am Tatev, a perpetual immigrant and a challenger of thoughts and ideas. As I traverse the Earth and genuinely dream of traveling to outer space some day, I like to think about functional interpretations of various objects and happenings. I am inspired by whimsical and imaginative paradoxes and combining seemingly unrelated notions. I  am particularly interested in using innovative communications tools to encourage discussion and organization around important societal issues, including healthcare, education, arts, and sciences. I believe access to information is our humanity's most important virtue and its different forms are locked up behind digital, institutional, and  other "walls", serving as exaggerated obstacles and limiting ordinary individuals' access and contribution to discovery and building.

My website is an outlet to few of my creative endeavors:

Ideas is where I talk about some ideas (of course) of various imaginative communications techniques as well as different interpretations of available technologies.

Photos is a home to some of my photography from around the globe. I have many more photographs that will be posted here as I get through them with time.

Videos section lists a some videos I have made in my free time. I am learning new tools and techniques all the time and happy to collaborate on projects. Get in touch!

Paintings is what I do a lot of in my free time and I include some watercolor, ink, acrylic, and multimedia works on this page.


Thank you for stopping by! Say hello by emailing me at tatevsargsyan[at]gmail[.]com, let's chat or meet for coffee if we are in close physical proximity. I am currently based in the lovely Washington, DC.